1. Two work in progress game levels.

  2. mini site / Ablum Review I did for the band Party Cops

  3. Recently got the chance to work on a new website for clothing shop Rainbow Alternative. The design incorporated feeds from Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr, which keep customers up to date with the shop. Rainbowalternative.com

  4. A synthesizer user interface design, the TZ-101. 

  5. Synthesizer UI design idea and details.

  6. A book cover titled “Mars”

  7. S P E C T R U M is a mini-game & music visualizer built with flash as3. Work in progress. You can play it now Here, although it suffers from lag.

  8. Broadcast graphics for the Comcast show, Arthur Fennel Reports.

  9. Several Triptych (3 panel) broadcast graphics I created for the Comcast news & culture show, Voice of Reason.